Cogo supports clients to make good decisions by designing research programmes that address their strategic information needs.

We are a full-service research consultancy and deliver all aspects of the research process in-house, from research design through to implementation, analysis, interpretation and reporting.

There are a number of research tools we use to gather the data needed to inform insights – e.g. online surveys, interviews and focus groups, and desktop research – but we are always open to new solutions and technologies that help us deliver effective, actionable research to our clients.

"Cogo Consulting are very easy and fun to work with. They give careful consideration to their projects to ensure that the evaluation that they provide is both relevant and easy to understand.

We engaged Tania and her team to help us to better understand the effectiveness of Common Ground; a collaborative project between Curative, Mental Health Foundation, Youthline and Skylight, which aims to support parents, families and friends of young people so that they can enjoy more positive mental health. It's a complex project, with many stakeholders, and a broad audience.

Tania really took the time to understand the project intention and objectives, to meet with many stakeholders, and to incite feedback and perspectives from a wide representation of the audience. Because of the care, attention, passion and depth of understanding that Tania and her team had for our project, they were able to design an evaluation framework that gathered feedback with real sensitivity for the subject matter. The result was a robust report, which offered useful insights and proactive suggestions. As a result, the project team has been able to reshape the future direction of Common Ground to ensure that we're really meeting the needs of our audience.

If you need to understand the effectiveness of your work, and how to move forward - Cogo can help you uncover the answers".

Eddy Royal, Co-Founder & Director, Curative