Using an advanced, web-based survey software platform, Cogo designs, builds and distributes online surveys for a range of clients. Our online surveying service often supports other consultancies to deliver research to their clients, and forms a critical component of the research and evaluation services we deliver as a stand-alone research provider.

Cogo Consulting surveys follow design principles that are critical for robust data and strong response rates:

  • Surveys are short and sharp, taking no more than 10 minutes to complete
  • Text is brief, simple and well-constructed
  • Branched logic means respondents are not exposed to unnecessary questions

Reporting options include:

  • A Word report with data visualisations
  • A printable report built in Excel that allows users to easily navigate through the results and data
  • A fully-interactive Excel report that enables users to “play with” the data and drill down into areas of interest

In all cases, reports are designed with the end-user in mind, so that results are communicated in an easily-digestible format.

“Tania’s personality makes her a big plus to work with. Not only is she all about attention to detail, customer service, finding solutions, recommending initiatives and ways of doing things that we haven't even considered to improve our surveys and data collection methods, but as a bonus she makes it fun. We always have a laugh. Who knew data collection and survey methodology could be so entertaining?!”

Rebecca Stewart
Sales and Marketing Director, North Port Events